What does it mean to fill buckets?

** Bucket filling simply means that you do your best each day to show kindness and respect to the people around you. Bucket filling can be small acts of kindness like greeting someone in the hallway, or something bigger like sending a grandparent a special card. There are many ways to fill buckets, big and small, and we should always work each day to fill as many buckets as we can!!


Why fill buckets?

  1. Bucket filling makes the people around us feel happy.
  2. When we fill other’s buckets with kindness, we fill our own at the same time!
  3. If you live the life of a bucket filler others will want to be your friend.
  4. Showing others you are a bucket filler will inspire them to want to be a bucket filler too!





55 Ways to Fill A Bucket:

  1. Shake someone’s hand and introduce yourself
  2. SMILE!
  3. Make a card for someone
  4. Invite someone to play who looks left out or lonely
  5. Be a good listener
  6. Follow your teacher’s directions (and your parents too!)
  7. Use your manners when speaking to others
  8. Share
  9. Cheer a friend up
  10. Use words of encouragement
  11. Give someone a compliment
  12. Take turns
  13. Do your chores without having to be asked
  14. Volunteer in your community
  15. Help a friend who has been injured
  16. Stick up for a classmate who is being bullied
  17. Help take care of younger brothers or sisters
  18. Take care of your pets (they have buckets too!!)
  19. Spend time with people that you love
  20. Invite a friend over to play
  21. Do your best work in school
  22. Follow rules
  23. Offer to help make dinner
  24. Shovel snow or rake leaves for the elderly
  25. Tell your close family members that you love them
  26. Draw someone a friendly picture
  27. Tell someone how much you appreciate them
  28. Make good choices
  29. Show respect to everyone
  30. Write a letter to a soldier (getting mail fills their bucket right up)
  31. Keep your hands and feet to yourself
  32. Help someone pick up a mess
  33. Share a snack with a friend
  34. Solve problems with a friend peacefully, instead of fighting
  35. Share the highlights of your day with your family members
  36. Send a friendly card or note to someone to let them know you are thinking of them.
  37. Help someone with their homework
  38. Volunteer to help your teacher collect papers or pass out materials in the classroom
  39. Give someone a hug
  40. Include EVERYONE when playing a game of kickball or soccer
  41. Teach someone something new
  42. Share your talents with others and invite them to share theirs with you!
  43. Ask someone to be your friend
  44. Have a positive attitude every day!
  45. Respect differences, never use putdowns!
  46. Make a new student feel welcome
  47. Always tell the truth, honesty fills buckets!
  48. Listen to a friend, especially if they want to talk about having a bad day
  49. Avoid laughing at the mistakes of others
  50. Do something nice for someone else without letting them know you did it.
  51. Congratulate others on their success!
  52. Forgive someone when they have made a mistake
  53. Apologize when you have made a mistake, and then try your hardest to fix your mistake.
    Allow other to finish talking before you begin… be sure not to interrupt anyone             Spread the seeds of kindness wherever you go… you never know just how far a little KINDNESS can go!!



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