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What you can do with Walanda

Walanda values your time online hence we offer the best services for you to be statified with the plaftform we offer for free. were doing our very best to give you the best, because we value you.

Learn Online

Learn anywhere everywhere anytime with wlanda, we are here to educate you, improve your skills & teach yourself because you have the ability and walanda is here for you.

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ASk & answer question

do you have a question, luck you we have a lot of answers. we are not here to waste your time we are here to share with you with information & intellectual ideas. we are here answering question and your are welcome to ask & answer questions

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Find a Job

Walanda is here even to serve you better, are you looking for a dream job, then you are on the right truck, walanda is helping you avoid dropping brown envelopes anywhere. find a Job for free. go walanda

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Connect & Communicate

Walanda lets you connect & communicate with friends, and family, keep your files and share them with your beloved, be updated and update others. enjoy using walanda social community for free.

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Some about Us

We have been existing from 2015 & we are growing rapidly, to serve you.
Welcome to the community of intellects & elites join us today .

The goal of the site is to allow registered members to establish and document networks of people they can share ideas and knowledge with. We as Walanda bring both social and educational fun within your fingertips. Our main aim is to create a user friendly social platform where our users have the ability to share variance educational questions at every level of education and still enjoy chatting with their loved ones. We cover a wide range of questions from early primary to higher levels of our educational system such as university and college levels respectively, the aim is to get reliable feedback and have more understanding for our students out there and even do your research with reliable information.

  • Efficience

    we want our clients & users to be efficient in their transaction with walanda

  • Committement

    We are committed to care and offer the best for our Clients

  • Innovative

    We are doing the best innovative skill to help our users & clients fell the best

  • Communication

    We maintain a good communication system with our clients & users to ensure trust & worth are secured

Make Money with Walanda

We a niumber of ways our users can make make money using walanda here are a few
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Advertise on Walanda

Grow your Bussiness
Want to capture up to 300% more leads without increasing your traffic? Then advertise on walanda so that we share l share the secrets behind the lead generation strategies of companies
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Create a free page

invite your clients & friends to your page
we allow & encourage our users to create free pages where they can post update & products about their company for free
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Create a Group

For your company
creating a group for yourself or company is absolutely free on wlanda have a company or personal group then invite your friends or clients to boost your freindship and communication with your friends and clients
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Earn Points

The more you participate.
involve yourself with walanda and earn points which will give you opportunities to win annually prizes by inviting friends, ask & answer questions, helping us improve walanda and other related works.